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"Full Clarity of line helps flawless Speidel technique …With an artist of this calibre every piece has authority."
The Evening Star, Washington D.C./USA

"… Sontraud Speidel appeared as a Clara Schumann of our time, with bravura and intimacy, and virtuosic sweep and delicate shading …"
Neue Zeitschrift fuer Musik, Germany

"… A piano recital, which was a musical event even for fastidious ears … A sensitive artist like her, who is a servant of the work of art, is not regarded as being usual in Rome."
L´Osservatore Romano, Rome/Italy

"… The climax of the concert, and an irretrievable musical delight, was the interpretation of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 in d minor by Speidel. Touching the keys not only with her fingers, but also with her soul, she revealed the entire force of that outstanding concerto. The interpretation of the pianist reminded us of historic performances by Clara Haskil."
Newspaper of Athene/Greece

"… Calm and self-evident virtuosity, which places itself at the service of the musical substance. Artists, who play music with this human approach, are much important …"
Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin/Germany

"Winkler´s Concerto presented at Tanglewood…Sontraud Speidel was the strong, well prepared soloist …"
Boston Evening Globe, Boston, Massachusetts/USA

"Outstanding chamber concert with Speidel … a musical adventure… "

"... The German pianist received much acclaim … at the Wigmore Hall. She achieved effortless accuracy throughout a long and testing programme, and the range and beauty of her tone brought complete integrity to the works she played …"
London Times, London/England

"Almost too good ... Speidel is one of those artists to whom the word incredible aptly can be applied…The listener was led to hear the passion in her playing …As her hands sailed up and down the keyboard, the notes rolling off like drops in a spray of water, one could only be amazed that such skill exists."
Chico News and Review, Chico/California/USA

"… The pianist Speidel - on of the most outstanding currently in Germany … With great sympathetic understanding, and with her own, self-evident virtuosity, Sontraud Speidel proved her technical brilliancy and her power of interpretation. An amazing artist, and a graceful priestess of music of the highest rank ! …"
Honnefer Volkszeitung, Bad Honnef/Germany

"… She is a master of her craft. Her bravura technique was well matched by her sensitivity and gave the audience an experience to be remembered."
Paradise Post, Paradise/California/USA

"Brilliant piano debut in the Town Hall: Sontraud Speidel kindled fireworks … played with a perfection that almost cannot be surpassed. The concert was an art happening par excellence … Robert Schumann’s “Grande Sonate in f minor”: An interpretation like that of this huge piece will not be played again soon…"
Bayerische Rundschau, Germany

"Conquering playing - the Piano Sonata op. 1 by Johannes Brahms was played completely unspectacularly and without any aggressive approach. This interpretation was wholesome for the opus of Brahms; a lot of warmth and artistic understanding of the composition. The artist did not play for the sake of exhibiting her own ability: she still served the piece, however without neglecting an individual interpretation …"
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Heidelberg/Germany

"… During the concert in the Schumann House, Sontraud Speidel remained concentrated and proved her admirable condition, which became obvious in the finale of Hummel’s large Sonata op. 81 in f# minor. She stretched out the middle part with intimacy, and in the first and last movements, her playing impressed with the fastest tempi …"
Bonner Rundschau, Bonn

"Sontraud Speidel brought it off with a stunning performance that fully exposed the range and depth of Beethoven´s marvellous creation (Diabelli Variations). Not only was her playing technically faultless, it conveyed brilliantly the wealth of emotion in the work … Coming after this, the shorter pieces were like a light dessert after a sumptuous main course, Rachmaninoff at first happy and exuberant (“Love´s Joy”), then heavy, even melancholic in the sentimental way of waltzes (“Love´s Grief”). Again Speidel was faultless, both technically and emotionally."
Chico News, Chico/California/USA

"Sontaud Speidel built an artistic monument for Fanny Hensel, Felix Mendelssohn’s sister, with this brilliant recording, which must be praised for the interpretation and playing technique."
Zeitschrift fuer Musikpädagogik, Germany

"… With the pianist Sontraud Speidel, an ideal, sensitive, and engaged artist was found."
Darmstaedter Echo, Darmstadt/Germany [about the CD recording with works from Fanny Hensel]

"Sontraud Speidel is nimble and flowing and has distinct affinity for this repertoire."
American Record Guide/USA [about the CD recording with works from Fanny Hensel]

"… Sontraud Speidel proves the brilliance and sovereignity of both herself and the composer by her powerful, engaged, and at the same time sensitive playing."
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung [about the CD recording with works by Theodor Kirchner and Carl Reinecke]

"Schumann’s spirit came forth from her hands … Pianist with color, charm, and spirit … Full-blooded pianist … Her great strength is the enormous breadth of variation of her touch, and her technical perfection that never ends in itself …"
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Heidelberg/Germany

"A remarkable pianist … an inexorable architecture, a superior approach, a clarity and just a right amount of energy, which allows her to draw thrilling paintings with superb colors … In the art of S. Speidel, there is much elegance, intelligence, mastership, transparent intuition and a continous relevance which lierally fascinates"
Bieler Tagblatt, Bienne/Switzerland

"Sontraud Speidel at the piano: a rare virtuoso … Sontraud Speidel is a great pianist, and her program is not lessened by her virtuosity."
Les dernières nouvelles, Haguenau/France

"Music-Mission of the highest artistic quality. Sontraud Speidel in the Town Hall: Kehl had a pianistic event … she showed a breath-taking perfection in pearlyscales, engaging passages of thirds and octaves, thrilling playing of chords, dreamily secure technique, masterful playing of nuances … a wide scale of pianistic art, which rarely can be heard …"
Kehler Zeitung, Kehl/Germany

"A piano concert, which cannot be desired nicer … Sontraud Speidel is a master of nuanced touch, and of a well-reasoned and deeply-felt cultivation of sound. Her art of phrasing, and sensitively pointed agogics prove her high musicality, her talent for interpretation, and her deep and poetic seriousness. Her self-evident “craftsmanlike” skills, and her enormous playing technique, are the basis for her intimate expressive approach, which made the evening with Sontraud Speidel an event …"
General-Anzeiger Bonn

"Piano recital of lyricism, fine control…a wonderful capacity for shaping the minutest gesture…She is a thinker and a poet …"
Palo Alto Times, Palo Alto, California/USA

"… with the pianist Sontraud Speidel, a performer was found that enthralled the audience …"
Il Giornale, Milano, Italy

"… made Joseph Haydn’s Piano Concerto in D Major a festival of clarity, virtuosity, precision, and pearl-like shining figuration …"
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Heidelberg/Germany

"… Sontraud Speidel convinced [in the Schwetzingen Festival] as soloist in the Sinfonietta [by Martinu] impressively with her keen accuracy and clarity of interpretation, and also with defining a clear boundary between lyrical intensity and Romanticism, and the danger to fall back into the conventional: hallmarks of a sovereign interpretation …"
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Karlsruhe/Germany

"Many good pianists have been introduced recently in several concerts, but then, Sontraud Speidel came and made all of them fall into oblivion … in short, it was an event. Sontraud Speide's audience completely forgets the virtuosity, because the pianist, who won several prizes, does not put on airs. With the greatest self-effacing approach, she plays her program by heart in a clarity and purity that succeeds only in the greatest artists, of which Sontraud Speidel is surely one."
Solinger Morgenpost, Solingen/Germany

"… The Piano Concerto of Chopin was the climax of the evening. With breath-taking sovereignty, Sontraud Speidel varied the themes of the Maestoso with fine scales of brilliant elegance … Many shouts of "bravo" rewarded the brilliant pianist."
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Karlsruhe/Germany

Translations: Dr. Jürgen Rodeland, John Nisbet