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Sontraud Speidel Plays Sonatas

in Rheinbreitbach

By Antonia Wahl

Connoisseurs of music have known for a long time, that the concerts in the “Hoettche” in Rheinbreitbach are of the highest standard. Heinz Rechmann, owner of this cozy wine tavern, always tries to bring excellent artists to his house. For example Sontraud Speidel, who enthused her audience on this evening with piano sonatas. The professor from Karlsruhe chose for her program the Sonata No. 21 in b minor by Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven’s "Storm” Sonata, and Robert Schumann’s Grand Sonata, “Concert Without Orchestra”.

The brilliant playing technique of Sontraud Speidel was as fascinating as her musical interpretation, which was full of contrast and tension. The demanding passages of these large pieces were characterized by pearly ease. The colorful sound went from expressive to tempestuous.

The tension mediated by Sontraud Speidel made the best effect in the contemplative atmosphere with the small audience. The pianist is a piano professor at the State University for Music in Karlsruhe. She has already played several concerts at the Schumannhaus in Bonn.

Generalanzeiger Bonn

Translation: Dr. Jürgen Rodeland, John Nisbet