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Joyful Far-East Piano Festival under Direction from Baden

Professor Sontraud Speidel from Karlsruhe led the First International Piano Festival in Taiwan

The First International Piano Festival in Taiwan, directed by female and male pianists from Karlsruhe, proved that the excellent reputation of the pianist’s art in Baden goes far beyond the regional borders. The summit conference of piano-art was directed by Sontraud Speidel, professor at the Karlsruhe Music College. Co-directors were piano-duos Noriko Ishikawa & Manfred Kratzer, and Eriko Takezawa & Christoph Sischka, two ensembles that began their musical career at the Karlsruhe Music College as well. Also, the Polish professor Andrezej Jasinski, teacher of Kristian Zimmermann, participated in the festival.

The festival in Taiwan lasted for approximately one week, and brought together leading pianists and teachers from that country with the piano guests from Baden. The program included master classes, discussions, lectures, and concerts. A spectacular concent in the National Concert Hall, played on 8 pianos with up to 32 hands, was broadcast by Taiwan TV. Due to the great success of this well-attended festival, it will be repeated in two years under the same direction.

Sontraud Speidel, in demand as a jury member in international competitions, and leading many important seminars, was also the director of the piano festival “clavissimo” in Seoul for the second time, which offers a similar program and includes a competition. The first prize includes a trip to Vienna and a course of the winner’s choice. The professor from Karlsruhe has produced twelve CD recordings, some of them with rarely played piano music, and is going to record overtures with Evelinde Trenkner, arranged for four-hand piano.

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Translation: Dr. Jürgen Rodeland, John Nisbet