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Students Learned Much in Master Class

The direction by Professor Sontraud Speidel from Karlsruhe in the piano master class last Saturday afternoon in the music school, was very informative- especially for Magdalena Galka from the music college in Stuttgart. When she studied Chopin's Sonata No. 2 in Bb minor, some things could be improved. Speidel suggested to hold the pedal longer, to watch the musical tension of the piece, and to listen in order to test how the playing affects herself. Ruben Meliksetian, a piano teacher from the music school in Ellwangen, organized this master class for music school teachers, students and advanced pupils, which lasted two days.

[mar] Ipf- und Jagst-Zeitung Ellwangen, March 27, 2006

Translation: Dr. Jürgen Rodeland, John Nisbet