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Municipal Music School / Big Run to the Master Courses

The Finishing Touch

By Thomas Hampus

One year ago, the master class for pianists hold by Professor Sontraud Speidel from Karlsruhe, was a great success. The second class at the recent weekend surpassed the previous one.

For the past year, the Johann Melchior Dreyer Municipal Music School has successfully offered master classes of the highest quality, especially for advanced pupils, but also for professional musicians. The professors Lukas David, violin, and Martin Ostertag, cello, are remebered well, and of course Sontraud Speidel.

The music professor from Karlsruhe has now lead a master class in Ellwangen for the first time. The piano teacher Ruben Meliksetian, who also had engaged Martin Ostertag, brought his former professor to the Jagst river.

On a recent Saturday and Sunday, she cared intensively for the active participants of the course, that was organized in cooperation with the State Organization of the music schools in Baden-Wuerttemberg, benefitting 6-21 years old pianists, and also eight auditing participants. In several cases, the teachers came with their students to the music school in Ellwangen.

Besides one pupil from Ellwangen, the professor taught pianists from Berlin, Calw, Frankfurt/Mainz, Karlsruhe, Lahr, Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Ulm, Weil der Stadt, and some Czech towns.

Despite the busy calendar, two participants were willing for short interviews. Charlotte, 12 years old, has played the piano for 7 years, and came with her teacher. She emphasized that Speidel "works very exactly". Obviously, the pupil meant the aspects of musical analysis, piano technics, and musical interpretation. Larissa Schuele, teacher from Calw, was pleased as well. She had brought to Ellwangen four pupils, who had won prizes in regional competitions of "Jugend musiziert"; some of them will be entered in the next state competition in Aalen. The participants' final concert offered a wide range of music that had been studied, from Johann Sebastian Bach's "Goldberg Variations", to a four-hand piano sonata by Mozart, a Slavonic dance by Antonin Dvorak, and rarely played compositions like a March, by the Russian Valerij Aleksandrovic Gavrilin.

Schwaebische Post Ellwangen, March 27, 2006

Translation: Dr. Jürgen Rodeland, John Nisbet